Numus is the Latin word for a coin used in Roman times. A coin begins as a mineral, is molded and shaped, creating something of greater value than its original form. Much like its namesake, Numus Capital is focused on creating value for our clients.

Numus Capital is a niche stock broking and asset management firm based in Cape Town.

We offer a range of services to institutional and private clients. Our team has a wealth of experience in trading the markets and managing client portfolios.

We aim to generate consistent absolute returns. While investment returns are important, we focus strongly on capital preservation and believe in protecting our clients’ investment as if it were our own. We invest in our portfolios alongside our clients, further demonstrating this commitment.

The Team

Isaac (Zac) Benatar

Founder and Portfolio Manager

Isaac has been involved in the financial markets for the last 20 years. He began his career at HSBC where became a director and head of the Private Client Division in Cape Town. Thereafter he spent 10 years at Prescient Securities where he headed up the dealing desk and started their first hedge fund. In 2011 he acquired Signal Futures (now Numus Capital). He established the stock broking service and launched and manages the firm’s first hedge fund.

Claudia Cone

Back-office Support

Claudia has a BCompt degree from the University of South Africa. She has been in the financial services industry for the past 10 years. She is the internal compliance officer and attends to all the clients administrative needs.

Stock Broking

Private Clients

Numus Capital has partnered with SBG Securities and Peregrine Securities to offer our clients the ability to trade a wide range of local and offshore financial instruments, including Contracts for Difference (CFDs).

Our clients have direct access to their portfolios via SBG Securities’ online share trading (OST) platform. They have the ability to submit trades, view their portfolios in real-time and have access to an extensive range of market and company research tools.

Private clients have the option of mandating us to operate discretionary as well as non-discretionary accounts.

A discretionary account gives Numus Capital complete responsibility for trading stocks on behalf of the client. This means that all buy and sell decisions are made by Numus Capital.

Clients with non-discretionary accounts take the decision making responsibility on themselves with full access to the OST platform. Through the OST platform, our clients have the ability to trade local and offshore markets at competitive brokerage rates.

New clients

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We offer competitive execution-only services for institutional clients, primarily in equities and equity derivatives.

Our dealers have extensive experience trading the markets, allowing us to ensure best execution. Through a wide network we also have the ability to place large illiquid trades and facilitate access to specific private placements and book builds.

Asset Management

Numus Capital manages segregated and pooled funds on behalf of investors.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that markets are not always efficient, particularly over the shorter term. This results in exploitable opportunities should the manager possess the skills necessary to identify and take advantage of them.

We do not conform to one style and we are focused on generating consistent absolute returns over the long-term irrespective of market conditions. Superior stock selection and trading expertise allows us to maximise risk-adjusted returns in our portfolios. However, returns are only one side of the coin and we believe that strong risk management is required in order to protect our portfolios from significant drawdowns.

Numus Hedge Fund

The Numus Hedge Fund was launched in May 2015 and is a long/short equity fund focused primarily on JSE-listed stocks.

In April 2015, Hedge Funds were declared Collective Investment Schemes (CIS). The Numus Fund has been approved under the regulated CIS environment and was launched on 1 November 2016.

The fund is focused on generating consistent absolute returns irrespective of market conditions. One of the primary objectives is to protect investor capital. We therefore continuously implement hedging techniques in order to protect the portfolio.

The fund identifies specific opportunities and invests with high conviction either long or short. In addition to equities, the fund has the ability to trade commodities, derivatives and currencies and is allowed to hedge out risk through the use of short positions.

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